August 4, 2022

Emacs on Macos Monterey

Intro Got a new computer from work, this is some quick notes on how my Emacs setup looks. Run Emacs as daemon with LaunchAgent. Fetch mails periodically with mbsync via LaunchAgent. Install brew install --cask emacs brew install mu brew install isync brew install gpg brew ls --verbose emacs brew ls --verbose mu Mu4a Replace USERNAME with your info. mkdir -p ~/.mail/work ~/.mail/gmail mu init --maildir=~/.mail mu index mbsync -Va mu index Mbsync config cat ~/. Read more

July 10, 2020

Mail in Emacs with mu4e and mbsync

Intro This post is the second part about GnuPG, password management, email, signing and encrypting emails and git commit signing. The first posts talked about GnuPG key generation, password management using pass, how to sign git commits and how Emacs connects with most of it. This post will focus on how to manage mails in Emacs with Mu4e and how to signing and encrypting messages with GnuPG. As the posts cover a lot of ground step by step instructions are not desirable. Read more

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