May 15, 2021

Resume with AltaCV and LaTeX

I had to write a resume and searched the web for solutions that looked good. Quickly found the AltaCV template that liantze have made and I think it looks really good!

This is my notes on how I got the template to compile.

Clone AltaCV template

Navigate to the GitHub repo AltaCV and clone it to your local system. In this example I have cloned it to ~/git.

  cd ~/git/
  git clone

Docker and docker-compose

Install docker and docker-compose on your system. On Arch this can be made with the following:

  sudo pacman -S docker docker-compose  # Install docker and docker-compose
  sudo systemctl enable docker.service  # Make sure docker starts at boot
  sudo usermod -aG docker $USER         # Add your user to the docker group
  shutdown -r now                       # Reboot your system

It's important that you reboot your system to get group changes and systemd services to work!

Texlive and biber in docker

marcellodesales have composed a docker image that contains all the dependencies we need to compile the AltaCV template.

Navigate to his project and copy his docker-compose example and add it to ~/git/AltaCV/docker-compose.yaml. My file looks like this:

  version: "3.3"

      image: marcellodesales/texlive-full-biber
      working_dir: /resume
        # Name of the tex file. Say "main.tex". Running latexpdf might generate main.aux (if references are included set WITH_BIB=true)
        - TEX_FILENAME=sample
        # If you have Bib references, just say so.
        - WITH_BIB=true
        # Clean the logs generated
        - CLEAN_LATEX_LOGS=true
        # Rename the final PDF with the name. Say "main.pdf -> RENAME_PDF_AS.pdf
        - RENAME_PDF_AS=john-herrlin-resume
        - "${PWD}:/resume"

Compile to PDF

Navigate to the sample.tex file and change your name. Save and the run:

  docker-compose up

Docker may run for a little white to download all the dependencies and then compile your LaTeX file to PDF. Then the file ~/git/AltaCV/john-herrlin-resume.pdf will be written to your local system.


This is the first page on my resume.



Thanks to liantze for creating and sharing the LaTeX template!

Thanks to marcellodesales for creating the docker environment!

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